Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Philosophy

Fine food entertaining should be about the experience of dining as much as it is about the flavour and enjoyment of the food itself. It is through "breaking bread" together that we can create, develop, and maintain deep and lasting relationships. The sharing of good food is the tool to building lasting memories; fond memories which will return again and again as we relive similar smells and tastes, even though those with whom we first experienced and created the memory are not with us at the moment of resurrection. Cooking, therefore, is more than merely following a recipe. It involves planning and deep thought. Cooking is an artistic endeavor--an interactive creative process. A memorable meal not only involves separate courses, but it is the combination of the food, textures and tastes in conjunction with the ambiance, conversation and interaction between the guests as they partake and share the food that creates the experience. Good food is meant to be shared, savoured, talked about, and loved. What sets a gourmand apart from a good cook is the passion for food that she brings to every dining experience--a passion she shares not only in setting the ambiance for the meal or in sharing the meal with her guests, but also a passion that she engages in when thinking about the meal, planning her dinner party, and ultimately, one she infuses in the meal itself, that each of her guests, when partaking of it, can taste in every delicious morsel.